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You can order slopers of any dimensions you wish right here.


"How it works?"


You choose a model and enter your measures: your length, girth of chest, waist, hips. The system automatically calculates all size features of given model (hand length, back length) and forms a typical form.

We have created special designing methods for each model. Patterns are constructed under this methods and taking into account individual measures.


“Do clothes made by your patterns set well?”


To define if an apparel sits well or not is rather subjective opinion. One likes sloppy clothes, another likes snug. To value ladies' apparel is more difficult. Tastes differ…

Fitting of apparel sewed according to out patterns answers to opinion of a designer created a technique for this concrete model. This is how he of she sees a model. This makes the designer similar to an artist. Maybe some people will not share designer’s opinion, but it is impossible to create a technique to pass all people.

Patterns are sold “as is”. This mean that system create patterns automatically according entered measures and are not reprocessed under individual orders.

The system calculates user’s base sizes which differs our patterns from magazine patterns.


“How is it possible to create personal patterns on 4 measures?”


To create patterns, the system uses 12-20 measures, not only 4. Our program forms a typical form based on 80 main dimensions and then creates patterns according to these measures. However the program does not take into account individual features as body posture or shoulders’ shape. And if your form differs from a typical one patterns does not calculate it.

We plan to add more measures but this is a work for high-qualified users: incorrect measuring will affect fitting.


“May I cut with out patterns without long preparations?”


Please remember tailors’ saying “measure thrice and cut once”. Take into account outsizes and fabric’s properties. Our patterns will help you get a well-fitting apparel, but the technique of distant designing patterns cannot guarantee faultless result. After several orders you will understand how patterns answer you form’s features.

Terms of service

Online Pattern Plotting

1. The online service allows user to order a plot of chosen model with user-provided dimensions, plot a pattern with user-provided dimensions, send slopers to user-provided email. User can print acquired slopers in actual size using a supplimentary application freely available on our website.

2. Patterns are plot with user-provided dimensions with allowance implemented in plotting method.

3. Patterns are plot "as-is" proceeding from experience of our designers who created methods of plotting patterns.The service does not allow user to edit patterns individually. Neither individual dimensions nor body features are taken into account for plotting, unless otherwise is specified within plotting method.

4. User can test the service with free models before he or she make his or her decision to buy a payment card. User must test the possibility to receive email with attachments and the possibility to print patterns.

Claims of inability to receive or print patterns are not accepted.


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About the system Registration Where to buy